Sunday, 15 July 2012

Little yellow flowers

Good evening friends!
It's almost 2 am over here but I just had to show you the skirt I made last night... I went shopping with Julia, and stumbled over the cutest fabric, dark red with tiniest yellow flowers on it and it was love at first sight...
I had an idea of what kind of skirt I wanted and I just went looking for the right tutorial and - brace yourselves! - I found the best, most understandable, easiest tutorial ever! Dana from explains it so well, I believe even people who sew for the first time can get it.... I got through it without a single mistake (and usually it takes about one to three breakdowns before something is actually finished...) and it went quite quickly!
Have a look!

Trust me I have been dancing all day and made it twirl! The best thing about the tutorial is that you end up with a pattern that you can use over and over again for excessive amounts of skirts :) Which is perfect since I am obsessed with skirts, and now it looks as if I will never have to buy one ever again :)
Happy sewing and goodnight!! (I ordered some fabric on sale and now I can't wait for it to arrive so I can make more of those!!!!!)

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