Sunday, 22 January 2012

Tomorrow is today

As promised yesterday, here is a close up picture of the heart pendants I also made.

Mikko at i try DIY wrote a tutorial for how to make these! Which is really great because my tutorials still need tons of work. Also she connected it to leather cord which I think looks absolutely great. If you want pictures of how to connect the hex nuts with the jump rings I have some pictures and explanations for you in my own tutorial I wrote a while ago for hex nut earrings. The only difference between her pendant and mine is that I used bigger jump rings to get that double feel that you can see in the picture... If you make some I would love to see them!
For tonight I'm still working on my bracelet collection because obviously I have the hex nut bug and I'll let you know soon what came out of it!
(But for today it's about hearts! Hardware-store-valentine's-day here I coome!)