Sunday, 27 November 2011

Feeling geometric

Good evening!
My hex nut jewellery has been neglected in the past few days, even weeks, but now I got back to it. I decided to make a very basic geometric form:

9 small brass hex nuts which are held together by small gold plated jump rings. It looks quite massive n the picture, but because it's the smallest size of hex nuts, it is actually quite discreet.
Here is another front view:

I'm planning to add a little geometric collection to the shop, so maybe also some triangles and I'll see what else I can come up with. (Did I mention I was a catastrophe at maths in school? So I might have to google more geometric forms :D)
Also a few days ago I mentioned a little work in progress. Because even when I do hex nuts, I am still crazy addicted to my crocheting - more colour possibilities you know :) - so I crocheted around these halfrounds of wood. First I was thinking of gluing them to ear studs and to clips but they turned out quite big and chunky. So I made some fridge magnets instead. Easy peasy: just bought some plain magnets from the hardware store and hot glued them to the back:

Aren't they just cute? I plan on making some more and test running them in the shop to see if people like them. That was it already from me, I have 4 commissioned necklaces to make so my little free time consists of mad crocheting right now... Which is great. :)


  1. Hi there!!

    I just looove that hex nut necklace, it would be great if you maybe, possibly, you know... shared a tutorial_?? :)Whether or not you do, it's amazingly cute and awesome! ^_^


    The Creative Muslimah @

  2. Wow! The hex nut necklace is great! Perfect for gifts this year. :)